Talent concept :
  Welcome to our family!"The greatest benevolence is like water, the highest virtue tolerates all.'' is our belief, we'll grow up together, help each other and create a new success for our company.
We believe that "Talent is the most important resource" and it's the way to success. We have a strategic mind and specialist CEO, in addition, we have a vibrant, optimistic, unitive and cooperative team. We stick to the principle that "Everyone is important and making everyone useful", creating a harmonious and appropriate environment for both working and growing. The personnel will receive regular training and reinforce their professional knowledge, steadily improve in all aspects the staff quality in order that all the staff can have a strong sense of accomplishment and pride.
The Talent Mechanism of zonrui industrial Co.,Ltd:
  1.A highly flexible internal promotion mechanism: We are fully committed to the establishment and development of our organization. When we have vacancies, we will give priority to select our own members to fill these vacancies. Rich and priceless practical knowledge will benefit you entire life, the wide space for growth and development will make you a great sense of belonging and pride.
  2.A long-term occupation development: We will company with you in your successful occupation development. Join us, we will give you the chance and opportunity to prove and development yourself.
  3.Improve the training system: Provide the staff with extensive training to help them make use of their advantage and find out their potential skills. To achieve this commitment, we will provide management training, technical training and other professional trainings.
  4.Establish the high ethical standards. We are law-abiding, and always believe that we are doing the right thing.
  5.People-oriented is our company culture: We value the work performance, we are willing to work in a harmonious and warm environment with the excellent and like-minded staff, and make the job more efficient and more enjoyable.
  6.A competitive salary treatment: we have a perfect salary management system. We provide our employees with competitive salary, welfare and social security. At the same time, we provide employees with insurance, vacation, bonus and other welfare programs, creating a company culture that the personnel is willing to take risk, focus on preaching the sense of ownership , and try to stimulating the creative thinking.
  Progressive, vibrant and creative is the greatest wealth to our company. When the personal occupation development target is consistent with the company's development goal, we can create a new business environment that is filled with vitality and motivation, fostering and attracting a number of elites. Learning continuously in order to form a industry-leading and excellent work team.
       The greatest benevolence is like water, the highest virtue tolerates the all.
       Let's grow up together and realize the value of our lives together.
       Excellent team, forming the excellent staff
       Excellent staff, holding the excellent zonrui industry Co.,Ltd
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