Shaanxi Shangcheng Coal industry Co.,Ltd belongs to the zonrui Group, located in northwest leading city-Xi'an in China. Company has an independent enterprise legal person qualification and a license of running coal business, with registered capital of ten million yuan. Shangcheng Coal industry Company is a diversified enterprise that dominates in coal industry, simultaneously has diverse business, and it is a unifying comprehensive developing industry which has ability to engage in the sale and processing of coal, coal railway, highway transportation, mine equipment, digitalized construction and block trade of steel, etc. At the end of 2010, total amount of assets of company had reached nearly 170 million, net assets of 56.98 million yuan and profit of 24.18 million yuan. Company is equipped with three professional Departments (Coal Department, digital mine equipment Department and steels Department, with a number of experts and more than a dozen of senior engineers, dozens of professional and technical personnel, totally has near 100 employees.
Basic tenets:
  Honest, pragmatic, efficient and opening up are our slogan which helps our company develop consistently and strongly. Over the years, we win a great reputation and respect all of nation by the high-qualified and efficient services, high-qualified products and rewards high-quality that we provide. We treat our consumers with sincerity, protect our guests with quality assurance, serve our gods with great efficiency and reward our gods with benefit. Since building of the company, we insist in honesty as principal, improve economic efficiency as centre, pay attention to internal management and establish external image at the same time in order to push ahead the economic development. New business, new ideas, new thought, new development, we people will continue to progress, search for innovation, compose a symphony of our company’s expansion with our wisdom and sweat. We people are willing to develop with all walks of life together and create brilliance!
       We are willing to make friends with guests, offer highest-quality black energy-coal to users and let us work together to create a more brilliant future.
Add :  Room 1403, Yinhe New Coordinate Building ,No.25 Tangyan Road, Xi'an 710075 P.R. China
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