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Successful case:
    In this area, our company has assisted the government, large enterprises, and various associations organize the activities about economy, culture, human resources, health care, energy, and environmental protection, etc. Get widely praised by the consumers of all walks of life.

【Industry investigation】
  Economy investigatio:
  Delegation to Europe for the study of modern agricultural technology
  Delegation to USA for the study of advanced western management
  Delegation to Japan and South Korea for promoting the development of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  Cultural and educational investigation:
  Delegation to Europe for the investigation of educational administration
  Delegation of news media representatives to UK for a investigation about the media
  Energy and environmental protection investigation:
  Delegation to Europe for the new energy project
  Delegation of geological experts to Indonesia for a study of remote sensing of coal geology
【Special training】
  Delegation of representatives of senior management of enterprises to Europe for a study on talents
  Delegation of women problem research experts to Europe
  Delegation of jurisconsults to Europe
【Exhibition investigation】
  The animation companies to participate in Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France
  Geological experts representatives participate in Oslo International Geological Congress:
  Experts from art institute visit the New multimedia exhibition of Japan
Cases of cooperation

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