1、 Breve introduction of Multilingual network service platform for translation:
  Multilingual network service platform for translation is a service platform with the help of website and IT, on purpose of extend the service of translation, improve the efficiency of the work of translation, put award the progress of the total translation service, and eventually turn this platform into a processing platform and biggest vendor of KPO with the most professional translation, the best service and the most orders. Offer the language help to the domestic and overseas customers, concentrated mainly con the foreign demand, principal project include: the translation of business contract, technical information and publications. In addition, we also deal with the professional jobs like: the processing of legal document, technical information and data professional. Using the marketization, the informationization and the internationalization as our starting point, confirm the marketing plan by the market analysis, combining with important business outsourcing of China, offer employment opportunities to a number of elites. At the same time, we offer a platform for the exchange of culture,trade and economic for countries.
      The establishment, the operation and the promotion of miltilingual translation platform not only solve the outsourcing of work orders of translation, but also lay the foundation for a business communication between chinese and foreign enterprises. The Internet as a link, promote the international communication in Xi'an, Shaanxi, even the western region of China, let Xi'an and Shaanxi be the focus of the entire world!
2、 Standard for translation:
  GB/T 19682-2005 《Target text quality requirements for translation services》
GB/T 19363.1-2003 Specification for translation service, PartⅠ: Translation
GB/T 19000-2000 Quality management systems---Fundamentals and Vocabulary
3、 The principle of quality control for translation:
  Using correct terminology,that is the quality assurance.
Full use of translation memory to ensure the consistency of translation text and reduce cost for customers.
Let every translator remember the standard for translation.
Let every translator keep the unified project style.
During the project, select team members as few as possible to ensure the consistency of the use of terminology and the translation style.
Simulate consumers and check the quality of the translation.
Do the 100% proofreading and strict review.
4、 Standard for service:
  Ensure a contextual and technical accuracy.
----Be faith to the original context and give an exact expression of the original, observe the principles of translation.
----Knowledgeable, widely read, well-informed.
----Abide by professional ethics and safeguard the professional image.
Translation with fluency and integrity.
----Obey the principle ' the name of city should be consistent with the pronunciation of its country and accept the words through common pratice '
----Know well the original text and be proficient in languages.
----Pay attention to the fixed usage of the language.
Translation with professional and normative terms.
----Maintain terminological consistency in the translation.
----Translation conform to the common usage.
----The fixed expression, using the existing translation, if no, translate it according to the transliteration.
The format of translation has to meet customer's requirements.
----Translation should be focus on the quality, quantity and time.
----The customer's document is highly confidential.
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